Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today is one of my grandchildren's birthday - this is one of 3 this month alone! I used the same wonderful digital stamp set from Daydream Designs called Birthday Bash

I really love the little animal images and the digital paper that comes with it work great with it too! This is great for all of the younger grandkids - it's the pre-teens and teens that are tough! I have never given any of them a store brought card so I am always looking for versatile sets, this one was perfect. 

I really had a lot of fun making these and it is the perfect set when you have 19 grandchildren! 

I hope you enjoyed these. To see more really fun images hop on over to Diane's Daydream Designs and have a look. 

Until next time.....


Marsha said...

Oh, Miesje, these are so cute, and all so different from each other. I am having fun with this set too. So many possibilities. 19, wow. I thought I had a lot of birthday cards to make with 11. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jake Grant said...
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Jake Grant said...

Oh, I could only imagine the reaction of your grandchildren when they see these. It's great that these are also personalized, unlike the stuff we buy at the store which are too commercialized. With these, the kids will appreciate it more because you made it yourself.
Jake Grant @