Sunday, January 1, 2012

Miss Me?

I missed me! I was shocked to see how long it had been since I uploaded a card. It is NOT that I have been idle! Like most of you this is a busy time of the year. I have kept up with all of my commitments with a few extras thrown in. Our second youngest son is getting married in 2 weeks in our back yard! I made the invitations and sent them out and am planning the wedding with help from wonderful family and friends. My son and his soon-to-be wife live in Alaska and we are in Florida. We are flying them down so that the rest of the family can celebrate with them. Here is the invitation:
Yup - you guessed it, it is a western kind of wedding. Fun and a challenge for me. It is coming together and now we just pray for good Florida weather! I do have another post coming with another few cards that I made this past week. So don't give up on me - I miss stamping time! And I will be back!

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