Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is a photo taken in 2002 of my son David (now has his Masters from FSU!) reading to my grandson (his nephew) DJ. You will have to bear with me on this one because it is a little harder to write. You see, we have 8 children (all adopted and of different nationalities) and are close to all except one. She has withdrawn from our family along with her husband and their 3 children. I will not go into details but when you say your prayers think of them. We all miss them terribly! DJ will be 10 in a few months and this picture was taken just a few months before they left. My heart still hurts and always will. We love them all dearly. Her leaving is what started me making cards because I always want them to know that our door will always be open to them. My homemade cards is what has made it a little easier because once a month (or more for birthday etc.) I think of them and pray for them as I make the card. Sorry - I am rambling!

The book that DJ loved above all others was Rolie Polie Olie. This book is about a family of bots and they are all round. So my card has a lot of rounds in it. This card is also for GinaK's challenge for a guest designer. I am on a roll of card making and am loving it. For this card I used the set that Nina designed called Nana's Needlework sold on StampTV. I love that set and used a circle theme to to go along with the book and a Welcome Home message that was a message in the book and is always in my heart. I popped up the yarn and used some different colors. Lots of scallops and a Cuttlebugged circle background. I used the shelf as table. Thanks for looking - I do not think there will be another card today----but you never know! 


Betty Benton said...

Oh Miesje, my heart goes out to you, hon! What a tragic situation to have to contend with. I will certainly pray for you and your daughter. Here is one of my favorite scriptures -- May the Lord of peace himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance. 2 Thess. 3:16 Keep on with your therapy (card making) while you're looking out the window at the gorgeous scenery!

craftieodamae said...

Will keep you and your family in my prayers, bless your heart. Keep faith she will return. God says ask and believe and you will recieve. So hang in there, it may not be your time but in his.