Friday, July 9, 2010

Personal Note

I do not often upload personal photos, instead I focus this blog on my card making craft. However, I shared a couple of days ago that I was having a "girl cousin sleepover" with 5 of my 6 granddaughters. These are the ones that were able to come. Their ages are 8 to 4. We had so much fun and they were so good. For those of you who have been following my blog for a while you may remember that 4 of these wonderful young ladies just had their adoptions finalized in the beginning of this year! Am I blessed or what?!?!

played in the lake
dipped fruit in melted chocolate
made s-mores
made cards and painted wooden crafts
polished our nails
watched a movie
played a board game
talked and squealed (them - not me)

Thanks for indulging me in a proud and happy grandma sharing!


Olga said...

Oh you are so blessed. I just know you probably had more fun then they did just watching and enjoying every second with them!!!! They are all beauitful.

Lisa Hjulberg said...

What a blessing Miesje... as I'm sure you are to those girls. They are so cute and look so happy! There's nothing better than fun with grandma!

Being adopted myself, I am doubly overjoyed for all.


redwasher1 said...

How wonderful and precious your Granddaughters look.! Sounds like all had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing it with us.