Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Memories

Gina K on StampTV put out a challenge to create a card based on a summer memory. So this is a card that I came up with. This was a quick card because I was out of town and just found out last night! Talk about some fast creating! I have another card in my brain - I hope I get to it! 

The summer memory that this represents is from when I was a girl of about 8. We had just immigrated to the USA from The Netherlands and  had no money. We lived in a little row house in Pennsylvania right by the train station. There really was no yard and my brother (2 years younger) and I truly had very little. We could not speak English yet so making friends was difficult. Anyway (putting away the violin) there was a cherry tree not far from our alley back yard and there was a tire swing on it. I think that my brother and I spent hours on that swing and loved every minute of it. We did not feel poor - we felt like we were the luckiest ever! In Holland we had no yard at all - we were on the 3rd floor and would have had to walk to the park.

I used Therese's Sending Sunshine stamp set for this card and a few Copics to color. I had a neat Nestie border that I had not used before to set it off a little. The CS is Vibrant Violet and White - all GinaK Pure Luxury. Thanks for stopping by. 


JaniceAileen said...

Fun memory and sweet card, Miesje!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Thanks for sharing that memory with us.... your card is wonderful!

Cheri said...

Miesje, your talent is unending. I love looking at all your cards and this one is gorgeous - and your story is so moving.